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G.P. Golden Prosper Co., Ltd.

magnetic spin bikes, motorized treadmills

G.P. GOLDEN PROSPER CO., LTD. is a newly established company by an over 20 years
experience team in April 12, 2005.
We are a healthy body equipment company specializing in magnetic spin bikes,
motorized treadmills and promotion products …etc. The “Fly Wheel” in magnetic
spin bikes is patented (Patent No. M273375), so it can let spin bike increase or
decrease  tension magnetically. And we also design fancy octagon-shaped frame
on spin bike series.
We develop outdoor products for 2008, including snow/ski boards, mountain boards,
wake boards and jumping shoes ….. etc
Now we moved our factory to China Ningbo to decrease the production cost in Dec of
2007.With professional design development team, we also have a specialty production
factory that has the processing system unit to coordinate with. So we can supply OEM
and ODM services for your needs and any modification. Therefore we can make the
proper design and extend the best services for all customers to achieve the customer's
highest degree of satisfaction.
Through our website, we hope that all potential customers can see what products our
company has developed and can allow you to see our capability, we look forward to be
of service to you anytime your need arises. Sure hope to be of good service to you when
needed. Thank You!

Company Archive
Company Name: G.P. Golden Prosper Co., Ltd. Company Type: ,Manufacturer ()
Area: Taiwan/Taipei City Company Size: 6-10 People
Registered Capital: 150000 ten Thousands USD Registered Year: 2005
Security deposit: Already 0.00 USD
Business Scope: magnetic spin bikes, motorized treadmills
Sports & Leisure / Aerobic Exercise Equipment / Treadmills Sports & Leisure / Aerobic Exercise Equipment / Magnetic bikes